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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

Well I started book 4 last night.

Jamie should be worried. Every person that Brienne has sworn an oath to is dead. He should just crawl up on the bier next to dear old dad.

Brienne is just a loyal Golden Retriever is she not? Somehow I doubt that the gal's efforts will amount to much.

Jon has just sent his best support away. I get that he is worried that Melisandre will harm Aemon, but is sending a man over 100 on a long journey the best plan Jon? Plus, now he does not have Sam watching his back. Becoming a maester is a long process. Jon has just sent Sam away for years. That choice may be best for Sam, but it is probably going to come back to haunt Jon.

I find that I was giving Cersei too much credit in the cunning department. Her chapters paint a picture of a vacuous, stupid conniver. I hope she falls hard. She keeps thinking that she will be greater than her father. Currently I doubt she would make a wart on Tywin's backside.

I offically love Kevan Lannister for calling her out and saying she is bad mother.

Little Tommen seems sweet. I hope the child survives all this.

Jamie is heading down an interesting road. However, I have my doubts about Jamie's life expectancy or that of any Lannister. Although his nieces and his people doubt it, I think Doran Martell is up to something. He strikes me as a long game type of guy. Plus, Jon has taken on the role of Lord Commander, but he was sitting there thinking about destroying the Lannisters...

I wonder if Jamie seeing the three headed dragon mosaic in the floor below the tunnels is foreshadowing? It seemed to hint that his doom might be tied up in the Targeryns. Or maybe I just read more into that bit than there actually was?

Also, Damphair is officially batshit, but I don't know how much of his prattle I can take. It does crack me up that he sees himself as this hardened threat. The Iron Born just strike me as a gaggle of nitwits.
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