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Re: Futurama Season 7 Discussion Thread

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"Viva Mars Vegas" was fun. Who doesn't love a good casino-heist story? This was a good episode for Amy and Zoidberg, a pairing I don't think we've ever seen explored before, even though it's a natural given the opposite economic extremes they come from. I loved how Zoidberg handled his brief wealth; sometimes he's the wisest character on the show. (Although I would've set aside that billion.) And Amy came off as pretty smart and assertive, and I really liked the reveal of her true intentions at the end. Too often, comedy shows depend on reveling in their characters' flaws and dark sides, and Futurama has certainly indulged in that more often on Comedy Central than it did in its original run, I think; but this was an episode that let us see its characters in a better light than usual, and that was great.

However, it's evident that Lauren Tom isn't able to get her voice to sound as high and girlish as she used to. But then, Amy's eleven years older now too, so maybe it's okay that she's starting to sound more like her mother.

A good run of episodes lately. It's like they burned off the weak ones in the first half of the season and saved the strong ones for later. I hope so, since next week the last two episodes of the season are airing back-to-back.
Yeah, I noticed Amy's voice was too smooth sounding, especially during her speech. It's like Lauren wasn't even trying.

Also, there's still 13 more episodes for this season, probably starting in January.
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