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Re: Orci says ST series talk "getting real"

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I'd be surprised if the series aired on CBS.

ENT can't be used as an example for anything. Everything's changed since then. 2005 might as well be 1985. If there's potential for a new series now, then Les Moonves will put his personal tastes aside.
At possibly five million dollars an episode it'll have to be placed somewhere where as many eyeballs as possible can see it. So I think that would discount Showtime as a viable distributor. I'm not sure where else you could go with it?

When Enterprise was cancelled, UPN was only paying $800,000 an episode for it and had no viable replacement in the wings. So I wouldn't totally dismiss how Moonves treated the franchise eight years ago.

I'm still of the opinion, mine alone, that the only way Trek gets back on the air is via animation.
How good animation, would you say near photo-realistic computer animation or do you want the hand drawn stuff? One advantage of animation is you don't need sets. I have for instance the Enterprise D boxed set blue prints, it has the floor plans for every deck. In an animated series, our characters could visit every part of this ship without having to build sets for it.
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