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Re: What if Voyager didn't have its aeroshuttle?

The idea of a plug is ridiculous, by the way.
Real navies use "plugs" all the time. It just doesn't pay to create a smooth cover when a piece of equipment is removed as outdated or too expensive or because it never worked right. Generally, an angular piece of metal is welded on, and if the hole is of a funny shape, then so is the piece.

Why put markings like that on a plug?
Yeah, doesn't make sense. But if it's instead a cover that's supposed to be there regardless of whether there's a shuttle behind that cover... Then it's merely fully consistent with how the lifeboats sit behind carefully labeled covers.

I won't believe that Janeway would have left DS9 without being shipshape
This was an inaugural mission. Those virtually never feature the full gear, because there's plenty to test even without.

We never saw the Captain's Yacht on the Enterprise D either, but there's nothing to say it wasn't there.
...Nowadays, and thanks to the reworking done in connection with the blu-ray transfer. Originally, the very first episode already cast serious doubt on there being a yacht there, as an energy transfer beam (according to dialogue, a phaser rigged funny) was fired from the general area.

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