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Re: Futurama Season 7 Discussion Thread

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My favorite bit was the reveal that the Professor was the evil mad genius older brother
I should've seen that one coming. (Instead I was half-expecting it to turn out that the "older son" was named Ogden and had been adopted by a family named Wernstrom!!)

But what does it say about the Farnsworths that they apparently had two estranged sons who never wanted to speak to them again? I mean, if they were on good terms with one of their sons, then they wouldn't have been confused about which one the Professor was.
That would have been fun except Wernstrom is established as being much younger than Farnsworth in his first appearance. If Bender hadn't mentioned the other brother showing up at the end perhaps Wernstrom could have been revealed as being the younger brother after we found out that Farnsworth was the older one. Still, 50 to 60 years is quite a span to have two children.
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