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Re: Disney to Remake/ Reboot The Rocketeer

Christopher wrote:
The Rocketeer... is specifically a tribute to a particular era of American history, to people and events and designs and fiction from that era. Adapting it to a different era would be like doing a Happy Days remake that wasn't about the fifties.
Good point. But remember what I said: just because it's a bad idea doesn't mean they wouldn't try it.

(As for Sherlock Holmes...The only examples I can think of where Holmes has been reinterpreted as native to a more modern time have been the WWII-era Rathbone-Bruce movies, Moffat's Sherlock, and the upcoming Elementary. Are you aware of others, or were you referring to the ones I mentioned above?)
Pretty much the ones you just mentioned. Though I might throw in some things like "They Might be Giants," where you have a modern setting but a character who thinks he's Holmes.

It's not about being "pedantic." I'm a writer, so it's my nature to think about writing (which is what we're doing here) as something intended for an audience, and to think about how that audience will perceive what's being written. Any "corrections" I make are directed toward that audience for their benefit, not toward the poster who made the original statement.
Fair enough.
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