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Re: Watching Trek in Airdate Order

Also a couple of interesting bits not seen in syndication, unless they run the DVD prints: both The Man Trap and Charlie X sport main titles that carry the "created by Gene Roddenberry" credit, the "Star Trek" title shrinkage and all. Only these two episodes carry it and the "in episode" credits only shows Gene as producer. The prints used in syndication in the 80's as well as the VHS and laserdisc don't have this version and the in episode credits list Gene as creator and producer. I wonder why only these two episodes had this opening and not all of them? Especially considering the up front created by credit would be used in the second and third seasons.

And for some odd reason, for The Man Trap only, Sick Bay is called the Dispensary.

You guys all know this stuff, but it's fun (for me) to note.
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