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Are you being facetious, or do you honestly believe the script being available on the Internet before release of a movie is a good thing and should be standard operating procedure?
Well, I am exaggerating when I say the entire script should be online by now. That really isn't necessary.

But, the movie is coming out in less than a year. We should know something a bit more about it other than the villain will wear a black t-shirt. Hell, at this point with Trek XI we had the first posters recently released.
Well, yeah, obviously "Entire Script" was hyperbole, however, to me, that hyperbolic usage implies in ST09 You wanted to know that Spock Prime went back in time (And the circumstances surrounding the event) and that Romulus and Vulcan were both destroyed.

Now, I found out after seeing it, that much of that was already known in snippets on the Internet, and I'm glad I missed most of it (Aside from Leonard Nimoy Spock was traveling back in time). That is too much information for me, personally, to want to know ahead of time.

I have no problem knowing all his curves, the second time, but, the first time should be an exploratory adventure, IMHO, of course
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