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Re: Impulse Deflection Crystal...?

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Then in the TOS-era cast films, we now have this "impulse deflection crystal", which would seem to channel warp power to the impulse drive, so I guess fusion power sources wouldn't be necessary(...?) (We also seem to possibly be able to use the warp drive to augment the impulse drive, so that we can travel something called "warp .5" and other fractions of warp speed...which makes sense if some theories about the impulse drive being more than a mere reaction-based propulsion system...which I like, since they have artificial gravity, they would also have the basis for a reactionless fact, warp-drive itself could be said to be a reactionless drive - but I mean they could use artificial gravity to propel - push, pull and stop - the ship. Anyway...)
I always thought of the impulse engine speed specified as warp .5 as (0.5 x 0.5 x 0.5) x c = 0.125 x c, which is another way of saying 12.5% the speed of light, where c is the speed of light. I still thought of the impulse engines as reaction-based propulsion and I thought the saying warp .5 as another way of saying half impulse.

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