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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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Has anyone noticed, but during the opening credits, you can see that they actually put the name 'Enterprise' on the neck just below the torpedo launcher and just above the deflector dish. Just freeze the ship when the neck/deflector is the main thing on the screen and you can't miss it.
Yeah, I've been able to notice that for many years. What you may find harder to see are all the other places the ship's name is written, like the inner side of the nacelle pylons, the shuttlebay entrance, and the section of the saucer that's exposed when the ship seperates. I love the level of detail Andrew Probert gave to the Enterprise-D. He seems to have thought of everything, including putting transporter emitters on the outside of the ship, and connections on the spine for deuterium refeuling.
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