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What if Voyager didn't have its aeroshuttle?

As an Intrepid-class vessel, Voyager had under its primary saucer the unmistakable outline of a Captain's Yacht-like shuttlecraft - what Doug Drexler dubbed the Aeroshuttle / AeroWing - and would presumably have reused the Danube Runabout interior from DS9. However, it was never utilized in the shows, especially with the introduction of the Delta Flyer(s) in later seasons.

If, for some reason, these Aeroshuttles were decommissioned fleetwide and there wasn't going to be a Captain's Yacht for the Intrepid-class, what would go in its old spot instead?

I'm pondering this as I have recently downloaded a 3DS Max mesh for the Intrepid-class, and am thinking of retexturing it to remove the Aeroshuttle.
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