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Re: Disney to Remake/ Reboot The Rocketeer

The Amazing Spider-Man is actually a very good movie, just what I wanted from a reboot -- something that took the concept in a different and fresh direction, that complemented the previous film series, that built on the elements of the comics that the previous films didn't make use of (like the mechanical webshooters) or handled poorly (like Gwen Stacy). Something that was comparably good in a very different way.

And I'd be happy to see a new Rocketeer movie that did the same, approaching the source material from a different angle and drawing on different aspects of it. The '91 film emphasized the action-adventure elements which were actually secondary to the comics, and downplayed the aspects tying into pulp literature and vintage Hollywood celebrity culture. So it certainly would be possible to do a version of the story that complemented the Johnston film in much the same way that Marc Webb's Spider-Man complements Sam Raimi's. Although I don't really expect that; more likely they'll just go the same action-adventure route and still avoid the pulpy stuff and the sexy stuff.
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