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Re: If annother Trek series was being made, what would you want in it?

Ah, I have a brilliant name for this Star Trek Odyssey. A Synopsis: a Starship from the future, in this case a Galaxy Class retrofitted with an emergency medical hologram in its sickbay. The ship dates from sometime after the Enterprise D crashed, so there have been other modifications to it that wouldn't be in the original Enterprise D, the Deck plans are basically the same, perhaps the sets would a less plastic feel to it. As for the kidnapped crew, some of them will be from prisons, these the maniacal captain uses as enforcers, to get the other kidnapped crew mates to do what he says. The EMH doctor has developed a personality of his own, and he does not like this new captain, he wants to help the crew to mutiny, but he needs to find out first who he can trust, and he can't leave the sickbay, so that is an important limitation. The "captain" tends to underestimate these downtimers, as they are not from the 24th century, he thinks that means he can more easily control them, turns out not to be completely accurate.
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