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I was interested in the concept so I took a look, but I tuned out after the first act. It wasn't very pleasant. "A bit of an antihero" is an understatement; it looked to me like the cop "heroes" were little more than a street gang, gunning down the bank robbers unnecessarily and pocketing much of the recovered loot. That doesn't appeal to me at all. I'm so tired of this assumption in our media culture that the only way to make an adult, sophisticated show is to make the protagonists contemptible, immoral people. That's not adulthood. Adulthood is supposed to be about responsibility and self-discipline. Giving into your worst impulses all the time is entirely immature.
Yeah that kind of bothered me too. I realize most cops back then were probably a bit shady and corrupt (looking at the dreary environment they worked in, it would probably be hard NOT to be), but that just took things a little too far for my taste.
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