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Re: The Great Star Trek Pocket Novel Reread

Timewalker wrote: View Post
How long, on average, does it take you to read one Star Trek novel?
Depends entirely on the size, but generally in one day I can get through one. No longer than two or three days. This is a long term project.

ryan123450 wrote: View Post
Wow even if I read nothing but Trek this would take me about two decades.
Like I said above, long term project, though I hope in two or three years I can get through them.

zarkon wrote: View Post
If you post your reading order in advance I don't mind reading along, I've got about 90% of them so it'll give me a good excuse to stop being so lazy about picking up the others.

For me personally 2-4 hours depending on the chunkiness of the book and the complexity of the writing.
I'm following the publication order. I would have liked to do a chronological order but difficult to work out exactly where everything fits... I'll post tomorrow the first ten or twenty books and hopefully my first review of The Motion Picture.

TigerBait wrote: View Post
Give yourself an extra few weeks for Probe, that bastard is a tough read...
Thanks for the advice!

flandry84 wrote: View Post
Just finished rereading The Captains' honour and I had forgotten just how downright strange some of it was.
Funny how wrong some assumptions made by the authors look in hindsight.
Anyhow,best of luck with your quest.
Thanks! I'm on to The Klingon Gambit at the moment and some of it is quite... !
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