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Re: First Season Theme Music Change

I rather liked the electric violin version. It gave an otherworldly feel without being so overt as a Theremin (the instrument made famous in "The Day the Earth Stood Still").

There's another device, one you might consider an indirect forerunner to the Moog synth', a keyboard instrument with a French name. (I can't for the life of me remember what it is at the moment.) It sounds vaguely like a Theremin, but with much richer tones. If you heard it, you'd know it instantly. It had already existed for 30 maybe 40 years by the 1980s, but it was used for the spookier scenes in "GhostBusters".

My point? Upon learning of that instrument, I thought it would have really made the Courage theme that much more distinctive. No, not as the sole instrument, but accompanying the more conventional brass, strings and percussion.


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