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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

And here I am about to fall into continuity stuff....

Today: Caught up on All-Star Western (haven't read them yet) and Justice League Dark, and also bought Batman Inc.

The latter is terrific, quirky as ever, and Morrison continues to seed little details from Snyder's run - the in or out continuity of this title is still not quite established. The beauty of the long-form plotting still suffers a little from the copycat "Court of Owls" business, but I suspect we get a Leviathan versus Owls plot at some point after both Morrison and Snyder are gone. Would this be a good idea? No. Will DC be able to resist telling some story of how all-powerful Leviathan's spreading into every aspect of Gotham came into conflict with the other all-powerful supersecret organization controlling every aspect of Gotham? Also, alas, no. It would be better to simply let readers decide for themselves which they preferred, and not worry too much about it.

Justice League Dark. Why do I never say this title is my favorite of the new 52? Since Lemire took over it has been terrific. This issue trots out characters you expected to see only to pull the rug out immediately afterwards, and gives us a reimagined scene from Morrison's Seven Soldiers (essentially, Constantine was in a scene that he wasnt in at the time). This title, like most of the Dark and Edge lines, looks like what a reinvigorated DC would look like without the reboot (but with even more continuity porn).
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