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Re: Disney to Remake/ Reboot The Rocketeer

DigificWriter wrote: View Post
I don't see what the impetus is behind messing with what I think many would consider to be a 'cult classic', though.
Please. Rocky Horror, The Big Lebowski, and Harold and Maude are cult classics. The Rocketeer is a kinda-fondly-remembered by genre fans only box-office bomb that really isn't any better than "pretty good".

JD wrote: View Post
But would they be even able to include a character who belongs to somebody else in the MCU? I just don't see them being able to do that, unless the character was from Icon or one of Marvel's other imprints.
So long as Disney has total rights to the Rocketeer character, why wouldn't they?

Christopher wrote:
Why would people "question the impetus" behind reviving a popular character whose first movie a generation ago wasn't as successful as it was hoped? Why is that something that has to be justified or defended?
I think DigificWriter has pretty clearly just announced himself Grand Vizier of Hollywood Culture. If he doesn't see why a new Rocketeer movie should be made, isn't that all any of us need to know?

Christopher wrote: View Post
Stevens created his own world for the series, with its own distinct flavor, and assimilating it into the Marvel Universe would not serve it at all.
As much as I admire your grasp of the source material, I think this statement rejects DigificWriter's "no sequel" dogma only to replace it with an equally abitraily inflexible "the next adaptation must adhere to the source material" dogma of your own. Maybe we could wait for the process to play out, and judge the result on its own merits?

... That said, in the interests of creativity, I would like to present a motion that the rocketeer be a dame this time around. (The Bettie Page-esque love interest can stay.)
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