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Re: Disney to Remake/ Reboot The Rocketeer

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^ I don't see what the impetus is behind messing with what I think many would consider to be a 'cult classic', though.
Nothing is being messed with. They're not re-editing the 1991 movie or redubbing its dialogue or replacing its special effects with CGI or anything. That film remains exactly as it was. But that film was an adaptation of a comic book which was an ongoing series (though an intermittent one whose entire run was small enough to fit in a single omnibus volume), and the comics' character was inspired in turn by the "Rocketman" protagonists of several 1940s-50s adventure serials. So the character is intrinsically rooted in the serial format, and thus there's absolutely no reason why there can't be more than one story about him onscreen. Heck, the ending of the '91 movie makes it clear that the filmmakers hoped there would be sequels. It took a generation, but now Disney is ready to do a second Rocketeer film, maybe finally get a franchise going as they failed to do two decades ago, and I don't see how that's a bad thing.

The only way I think you could justify doing a new Rockeeter movie and avoid people questioning the impetus behind the project would be to make the new cinematic Rocketeer character part of the MCU, but I don't know how much leeway Disney has in terms of adapting the characters and concepts from the Rocketeer comics.
I find that a completely bizarre statement. Why would people "question the impetus" behind reviving a popular character whose first movie a generation ago wasn't as successful as it was hoped? Why is that something that has to be justified or defended? The Rocketeer is a cool character in his own right. The '91 movie was a respectable but flawed attempt at an adaptation, and for all its cult classic status now, it fizzled at the box office and never earned the sequels that its makers and fans hoped to see. It was a good try that didn't quite work. That's all the justification the studio needs to make a second try.

And the idea of folding him into the MCU makes no sense whatsodamnever. He's not a Marvel character and never has been. He doesn't inhabit a universe of superheroes and supervillains. Stevens's Rocketeer comics implicitly took place in the universe of pulp heroes like Doc Savage and the Shadow, though he presented those characters anonymously to avoid copyright violations, and also took place in a world that was an amalgam of 1930s-50s Hollywood culture, with major characters who were based on, or actually meant to be, real actors of the era. Stevens created his own world for the series, with its own distinct flavor, and assimilating it into the Marvel Universe would not serve it at all.
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