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Re: One-year countdown thread!

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Delightfully obscure selections, teacake.
Oooh, I used to play In the year 2525 all the time as youngling. Along with:
Stuck in the Middle With you
White Rabbit
Age of Aquarius
Summer in The City
Spinning Wheel

(not sure of each one's exact year of release, but, pretty sure I played them all in 1972 when I was 8, when we first moved up to Lake Tahoe)
Spinning Wheel would have worked for yesterday, 19'69'.

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Oh my I haven't heard 2525 in a long time. And you know.. we are almost there. Hopefully doing a ST:XV countdown thread.

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1969, the year of the Court of the Crimson King. There was a lovely feel for fantasy in this era.

CotCK video.
Fantastic choice! That really raises the bar. If we're not careful we'll scare the squares.

And I'm shocked that Dylan seems to still be a no go for youtube, takes a lot of searching to find stuff that is not a cover. I assume there is some Dylan-bots cleaning out a lot of stuff posted.
That is strange...

But here you go, 1969, Lay Lady Lay. No visuals but this is Dylan so we are here for the voice

BD video.

I long to see you in the morning light
I long to reach for you in the night

Luckily the bots haven't cleaned out everything, yet.

So, 68. There can be only one choice for me. KingDaniel, you may remember this one from a Simpsons episode, the church lady organist nearly died playing it.

Warp Speed, Mister Nimoy.
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