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Re: Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Audio Issues

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But people aren't complaining or getting replacements because the audio sounds bad but because it was incorrectly formatted to the discs! It is an actual problem!
I'm not denying that. I was one of the first around here complaining about it.

I shouldn't have to switch the audio tracks on my discs so it sounds like the show isn't coming from a tin-can. It should work perfectly as soon as I hit "play."
Now, I'm just on a simulated 5.1 soundbar but on the default setting certain episode's sound is only coming through the center channel of my speaker. Other episodes are coming through all of the speakers of my soundbar correctly creating a dynamic, normal, sound.
Listen, when you say "simulated" it means that you are doing something other than listening to the audio tracks as they are intended. The 7.1 mix can be listened to with 6 or 8 speakers (subwoofer included) and the dolby stereo track should only be listened to with the 2 front speakers. If you are using the dolby sound to create a surround mix then the success of the end result will be down to your receiver.

People here have been complaining in particular about Haven and 1100101 sounding like comng from a tincan. I'm just saying that I did not have that experience. Yes some lines of dialogue and occasional scenes have an echo (which needs to be corrected). But some people say they hear it all the time. That simply is not the case and I still believe that some viewers are mistaking 80s soundrecording for bad remastering or authoring.
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