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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Blake's 7 remake now in SyFy's clutches.

I don't really care one way or the other about the remake, but the odds are pretty high that the existing fans will hate whatever SyFy does with the show, so for their sake I hope it doesn't go to series.

The Dirty Dozen in space sounds like a good idea for a new series, but they should just go with that original concept, and maybe do something with a Tarantino retro feel to it, with a war-movie/video game emphasis on action.
The Dirty Dozen in outer space was exactly the words used by Terry Nation when he pitched the idea to the BBC execs. So I do think they're using the original concept.
I know thats where it comes from. But The Dirty Dozen, not Blakes 7, is the original concept I was referring to. So no, they're not doing what I described. In fact, what theyre really doing is an open question...

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I'm a little nervous SyFy may water it down, but, I'm just as nervous someone may swing too far in the other direction and make NuBSG look "Unicorns and Rainbows" in comparison and I also don't want to see it turned into a True Blood type Orgy (A little sex is fine, but, there's no need to have multiple sex scenes every episode)
The big thing now seems to be remakes in name only, where the showrunner keeps the name, ignores everything else and just goes galumphing off in whatever direction he likes. Sometimes that can be a good thing - Ron Moore's BSG, Bryan Fuller's take on The Munsters - so I think the one thing we can expect, is that this show will bear little resemblance to the original.

SyFy is more likely to go for violence rather than premium cable style sex, though. And I think there could be an audience for a space opera series that has the feel of a video game.

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