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Re: Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Audio Issues

But people aren't complaining or getting replacements because the audio sounds bad but because it was incorrectly formatted to the discs! It is an actual problem!

This isn't a "Harumph! It sounds like this was recorded in the '80s!" problem it's a "Holy shit! The sound is actually coming through the speakers incorrectly!" problem.

I shouldn't have to switch the audio tracks on my discs so it sounds like the show isn't coming from a tin-can. It should work perfectly as soon as I hit "play."

Now, I'm just on a simulated 5.1 soundbar but on the default setting certain episode's sound is only coming through the center channel of my speaker. Other episodes are coming through all of the speakers of my soundbar correctly creating a dynamic, normal, sound.

The episodes listed I DO have problems with and it's VERY obvious and it's NOT a "this was recorded in the 1980s so of course it sounds like shit!" problem it's an actual problem with how the disc was made.

So I change the audio track to DTS and hey, guess what, it sounds normal! Sound through all three speakers just like it should be. I can't say if it sounds that much different than the 7.1 but, whatever. But it IS a problem and it IS a defect. I shouldn't have to manipulate the audio settings on my sound system in order for the sound to come out normally.
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