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Re: Disney to Remake/ Reboot The Rocketeer

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You seriously felt the need to make that correction? Like there's any discernible distinction?
There's a very clear distinction. A comic strip is something like Peanuts or Calvin and Hobbes, a series of short cartoons published daily or weekly in a newspaper or periodical (or, these days, online). A comic book is a magazine or digest comprising a full-length sequential-art narrative, generally published monthly. A comic strip is either a series of standalone gags or a narrative told in 2- or 3-panel chunks per day (more on Sundays), while a comic book is typically 22-24 pages telling a single story or part of one (or sometimes two shorter stories). A comic strip is contained within another publication, while a comic book is a self-contained publication.

The distinction has often been meaningful when referring to characters who appeared in both formats. For instance, Stan Lee stopped writing the Amazing Spider-Man comic book in 1972, but he's been writing the daily Spider-Man comic strip syndicated in newspapers from 1977 to the present. Various comics publishers over the decades have published Flash Gordon comic books while King Features Syndicate continued to produce and distribute a Flash Gordon comic strip. And so on. They are two different formats. And The Rocketeer has only ever appeared in the comic book format (and the motion picture format).

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I have just one question: why? If it ain't broke, don't fix it. There's absolutely no reason to do this unless they plan on making it significantly different from the original.
I could just as well ask, why not? If it worked the first time, why not do more with it? The success of Joe Johnston's Captain America has probably created new interest in the original film, and the comic has been successfully revived by IDW, so this seems like a natural time to look into revitalizing the character for the big screen. And obviously Billy Campbell, Jennifer Connelly, and Alan Arkin are too old to reprise their roles in the same period setting, so the only way to do more with the character and concept onscreen is by recasting, starting fresh.

And I'm not sure I'd agree that there's nothing to fix. The original film was good, but it wasn't perfect. And as I've said, it changed or glossed over aspects that were very important to the original comics.
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