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Re: Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Audio Issues

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Well, NOW you say something! And after CBS has spent tremendous effort and resources to take care of things! Sheessh.

Oh, how about the fact that on my speakers the 7.1 sound channel on some episodes only seems to be coming from one of the speakers creating a very "mono" effect? Is that something I shouldn't worry about either and just chalk it up to shitty recording at the time the episode was made? Because it certainly sounds okay when I switch to the next audio channel (standard Dolby.)
Short answer: yes.

Long answer: You shouldn't worry sbout it, you should accept that this is the best the source material can and will sound. Many people around have stated that they haven't watched TNG for a long time for various reasons. I myself haven't watched the first season of TNG for at least 3 years. That isn't even such a long time. I can imagine that some haven't watched these episodes for much longer than that. There are probably others that are watching Trek for the first time on a home theatre system. In the past 5 to 10 years the quality of home theatre equipment has improved with leaps and bounds. Modern day tvshows and movies often have amazing audio/visual presentations and we have become used to it. Now, a 25 year old show has been released on Blu and some people clearly think that it should sound like it was made yesterday. It can't. I think that perhaps due to the inherent clarity as a result of the uncompressed audio of the DTS track, people are noticing how old the show is starting to sound. The dolby track is a mere 192 kbps. It doesn't have the clarity so it would be less noticable.

All of the above doesn't excuse the echoes or the dialogue being mixed into the front speakers. Like you I want these errors fixed. Other than that I think the show sounds great, better than I remember, but still pretty much as I remember it. And that is not a bad thing.
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