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Re: TOS Clipper ship -- Axeman version!

Neat design!

Several months back, I had thought of a "ringship" design that would be dated post-Pheonix/ pre-ENT. My take on the concept was that the first Earth starships (such as the S.S. Valiant, and the CV-330 Enterprise and so on) were very crude and very utilitarian in their designs. A little bit like the DYellow submarines, and a little touch of the modularity of SPACE: 1999 as well.

My early ringship concept had only two crude warp nacelles mounted in the ring. The nacelles and an engine-room module would be evenly spaced, offset 120. The rest of the ring would have docking ports so it would serve like a warptug. Mission modules would attach at these ports, and could be swapped out depending on the mission profile. These mission modules could be jettisoned at a destination-planet and used as either a space-station or as a large planetfall ship that could double as a permanent shelter for the mission personnel who would stay behind (presumably either colonists or mission teams who would await pickup by another ship).

This early ringship concept would probably be called "Star Ship Class" as a homage to TOS, but also as an indicator that early Earth warp vessels weren't distinguished as cruisers vs. destroyers vs. tugs. The basic concept of a utilitarian interstellar space vessel would be ancestral to the ships of ENT, TOS, TNG, etc., but much more like comparing a wagon train to a bullet train. The nose cone section would of course house the command module and other vital controls. But the bulk of the ship's personnel and equipment would be either embedded or "docked" on the rings.

That's where I was headed, anyway.
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