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Re: Why Did Gene drop Christopher Pike?

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Desilu didn't produce motion pictures; as far as I know, they were exclusively a television outfit.
Yes -- and they were barely that. As of 1964, the only TV series they still produced was The Lucy Show; otherwise they survived by renting out their studio facilities to other production companies. Star Trek was part of an ambitious plan by new Desilu VP Herb Solow to bring the studio back into more active TV production. Solow developed four series projects for Desilu: Star Trek, Mission: Impossible, The Long Hunt of April Savage, and Mannix. They all went to series except April Savage, which was picked up by ABC but then dropped after the pilot film when the creator pulled out due to a dispute with his agency.

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However, I've seen several sources say that his wife was the one who was the aggressive deal maker and essentially demanded too much for his return to do the 2nd pilot. Some speculate this was an intentional move, so that he wouldn't be locked into a TV series contract and instead have the freedom to do movies.
What Solow reported in Inside Star Trek is that Hunter's wife simply came to a screening of the pilot to which Hunter had been invited and informed the producers that he had no interest in doing a second pilot. No demand for more money, just a straight-up refusal. And it wasn't clear from Solow's description whether she was the decision-maker there or simply the messenger. What are your other sources, and do they say otherwise?
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