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Re: Disney to Remake/ Reboot The Rocketeer

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Well, there was a time when The Black Hole, rated PG from Disney, was a big deal.
Yes, Disney did attempt to branch out into more adult filmmaking with TBH, Tron, The Devil and Max Devlin, and the like. But their box-office performance was impeded by the conflict between audience expectations for the Disney name and what they were trying to do in those films. So they started releasing their more adult-oriented films (starting with Splash) under a separate label, Touchstone Films (now Touchstone Pictures). If this Rocketeer reboot is under the Disney label rather than Touchstone, that means it'll probably be family-oriented and won't embrace the sexier, more adult side of Stevens's creation. (Although the Pirates of the Caribbean films were PG-13-rated and released under the Disney label, so it's hard to be sure.)

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If its still a period piece where he is involved with and battling Nazi's I am all for a reboot of this property. Anything else and I am out.
Given how thoroughly immersed the premise is in 1930s culture and history, it's hard to see how it could be done any other way.
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