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Re: Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Audio Issues

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Then you have a bad audio receiver. CBS has admitted that these audio issues are present on ALL discs all over the world. You absolutely can't miss the audio issues on EaF.
And even on regular TV speakers you can not miss Havens audio problems. Sounds like they are talking into a tin can!
I have a confession to make. I watched Haven the other day and apart from the fact that the dialogue is mixed in the front channels, I only heard an echo during one scene about three quarters into the episode. Other than that, fine. I was expecting the sound to be much worse after reading the forum, but IMO the sound of Haven isn't THAT bad. Same goes for 1100101. Dialogue was wrognly mixed, but otherwise the sound was okay.

I think people are confusing tinny sound with lower quality ADR. The dialogue and sound recording on early episodes of TNG just wasn't as good as it would be in later seasons. I don't think they can improve on the source material.
Well, NOW you say something! And after CBS has spent tremendous effort and resources to take care of things! Sheessh.

Oh, how about the fact that on my speakers the 7.1 sound channel on some episodes only seems to be coming from one of the speakers creating a very "mono" effect? Is that something I shouldn't worry about either and just chalk it up to shitty recording at the time the episode was made? Because it certainly sounds okay when I switch to the next audio channel (standard Dolby.)
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