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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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As for Shinzon being a "known warrior," you'd think Section 31 and the Tal Shiar would have some opinions about a cloned Starfleet officer who's rallying slaves around him + building a super-weapon. I'm thinking the opinions would be something like "eliminate it ASAP."
Since Shinzon had built alliances within both the Romulan Senate and military...
Ridiculous on this level alone...oh wait, it's only half ridiculous since he murdered the Senate.

it's likely he built them within the Tal'Shiar as well.
You don't know too much about Romulans I take it? There general mistrust of others is the norm for the majority. The MO of the Tal Shiar is that x10, expecting it as a given from everyone. There's just no way they would ever be complacent with slaves, let alone a clone who's rallying them.




What Shinzon did probably took years of planning and behind-the-scenes dealings.
And no one ever suspects he might do anything with the "man"power and weapons he has? 100% trust and no questions asked? PLEASE.

The job of the Tal Shiar is to suspect everyone, especially the obvious potential internal threats to the Empire.

These really are just more excuses to compensate for the complete lack of understanding of the Romulans by the writer, as well as his shoe-horning the Reman concept in for the oogly-boogly, eeeevil-looking bad guy effect.

You know this isn't Disney, it's suppose to be grown-up sci-fi drama.

How many times did Troi get taken advantage of during the series run?
A three-way mind rape doesn't = grown up anything. It's a set up for Riker and Troi to have something to do later since TNG movies have always been "The Picard and Data Show". As for Troi getting similar treatment in the shows - so what? Who says that scenario is worth revisiting?

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