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There was a time you wouldn't even hear anything about a new movie until just before its release, so you went into the theatre not knowing in advance what the story was about. Abrams is kind of "old school" that way.
Or, Abrams needs to stop living in the past and get with the times. The entire script for Nemesis was available online 17 months before its release. It's 9 months before Trek XII's release and all we know is that Benedict Cumberbatch is wearing a black t-shirt.
I prefer (much prefer) the "old school" way. I wish a LOT more people in the film industry took his approach. I've almost stopped watching movie trailers because unlike the best ones of yesteryear, that teased and hinted, many simply offer too much information and ruin the surprise. Better no trailer than that kind of trailer.
Trailers have always been revealing key plot points about movies. The trailer for The Search fo Spock featured the Enterprise's destruction.
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