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Disney to Remake/ Reboot The Rocketeer

Now that Disney’s troubled movie studio is under new management, our spies tells us that, curiously, one of the first properties to be developed for a feature film is a reboot of 1991’s thirties-set adventure film, The Rocketeer.

We’re told the studio will soon be meeting with various writers to come up with a take.
I don't know about the rest of you but this is one reboot or remake which I would not only be relaxed about but would actively welcome. The original is a fun little under-rated movie but not an out-and-out classic. I would certainly have gone to see a sequel had they made it but the odds of one being made 22 years later are slim in the extreme (Tron Legacy being the exception, not the rule in such cases).

The original is of course based on a comic strip from the early 1980s which owed a debt to the 1930s serial King of the Rocketmen. And there are similarities with the Marvelverse - director Joe Johnston went on to make the similarly pulptastic Captain America, while Howard Hughes, a on whom Tony and Howard Stark were loosely based, appears as the inventor of the rocket pack. Timothy Dalton, who topped many wishlists for casting Tony Stark for a long time, played the bad guy, based on Errol Flynn.

The original Rocketeer has lots of charm and a wonderfully busty Jennifer Connolly but some of Johnston's more ambitious ideas were nixed due to budgetary issues. That hopefully won't be a problem in today's age of CGI.

I've seen some queries raised about whether a man with a rocketpack can really entertain audiences accustomed to the hi-tech equipment of Iron Man or Batman. But then again, a man with a shield and a super serum managed to entertain us quite capably last year!

Stretching it a bit, but with this being a Disney property, could they conceivably link it to the Marvel Cinematic Universe?!

Thoughts, anyone?
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