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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

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Moving on, I watched Heart of Glory yesterday, and while I enjoyed it, I'm really starting to see why Denise Crosby was unhappy. In this episode more than any I've seen so far, she had so little to do and barely spoke at all. At this stage in the show, Worf was still little more than a recurring guest star, but he got his own episode before Yar did. I have to assume though that she'd made her decision to leave by this point anyway.

Excluding Yar, this season has given each of the main cast their moment in the spotlight.
I think you may be suffering from Code of Honor-nesia, where all memories of that episode are blocked out (I suffer this too). While it is a horrible episode, it's Yar centric and episode 3 of the series.
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