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Re: DCAU appreciation

The first two disks of Superman: The Animated Series contains 18 episodes which brings us five episodes into the second season. Overall, a very good show. Actually more consisten in a lotof ways than B:TAS, which had some slight growing pains. It's a good bet that Timm, Dini, ect applied lessons learned in making B:TAS in the making of this show.

"Last Son Of Krypton" 1/2/3-- An overall solid re-telling of Superman's origins that lagged just a little in part 2. I liked the portrayal of Krypton in part 1 and integrating Brainiac into the origin was an interesting take that worked well. Jor-El and Lara were likeable, real people and Krypton was green and beautiful, as opposed to the usual cold, steril look and feel. Part 2 lagged just a bit because it was introducing a lot of elements that most people are already familiar with (Lois, Jimmy, Perry, Lex, Daily Planet, ect), but part 3 was solid.

"Fun and Games"-- Toyman is one of Superman's lamer villains, but his introduction episode was entertaining. The basics of his origin (Sympathetic character screwed by The Man, becomes super-villain seeking revenge) seemed familiar to other DCAU characters (Victor Frieze, for one), but it's a gimmick that generally seems to work.

"A Little Piece of Home"-- Lex Luthor comes into posession of Kryptonite. Hilarity ensues. This is the ep with the big robot dinosaur battle seen in the opening sequence. Not really much to this one.

"Feeding Time"-- Ah, the Parasite. A villain that I've always liked and I enjoyed this take on him. I like the the continuity beat from the last ep with the kryptonite S:TAS has more of a flow from episode to episode than B:TAS. Best part-- Jimmy Olsen to the rescue!

"The Way Of All Flesh"-- The introduction of Metallo. John Corbin was introduced in LSOK and here we see his transformation into Metallo. Malcom McDowell's performance shined as you could feel Corbin's loss in his voice. Third ep in a row with a Kryptonite angle. That's not a card that should be played that often.

"Stolen Memories"-- The return of Brainiac. Brainiac makes a deal with Lex and promptly betrays him. Surprise? I liked Clark getting to see Krypton and that he managed to at least save teh orb with those memories, but it's a shame that the memories of all of those other civilizations were lost.

"The Main Man" 1/2 -- A favorite. Lobo is a character that I've always loved in spite of myself, and part 2 was just ridiculous fun. I loved the aliens, in particular the Jabba-esque Spooge and Squeek.

"My Girl"-- The return of Lana Lang-- as Lex Luthor's girlfriend. A fun episode where Lana, who isn't fooled for a second by Clark's "disguise" ( The only observant person in the world?), and endevours to become Clark's crime-fighting partner.

"Tools of the Trade"-- A big episode that introduces a lot of elements, including Dan Turpin, Maggie Sawyer and Darkseid. I liked the bit with Clark changing in the elevator shaft and the dark shadow of Superman with the glowing red eyes.

"Two's a Crowd"-- The return of the Parasite. I loved how Rudy's price for helping out Superman was premium cable in his cell.

"The Prometheon"-- A big giant space-monster attacks Metropolis. Entertaining, but not spectacular.

"Blasts From the Past" 1/2-- Ah, General Zod. What? "Jax-Who"? I can understand not wanting to go the familar Zod route for a Kryptonian villain, but why go with Jax-Ur and then give him Zod's background and motivations? Jax-Ur was originally a scientist in the comics. I loved the battle sequences in part 2. The ariel manuvers between Superman and Mala were spectacular. A bit of a continuity bump with Justice League, with Lois mentioning Wonder Woman well before her introduction in "Secret Origins".

"Livewire"-- Livewire is no Harley Quinn, but she is an original and entertaining villainess introduced in the DCAU and subsequently made it into the comics. Lori Petty is perfect in the role.

"Speed Demons"-- Bit of a lame villain, but who cares? Team-up between Superman and the Flash! Great fun.

Well, at this point, I'm going to jump back to Batman: The Animated Series for a bit. I plan on jumping between them in order to keep things freshe
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