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Thank you, Remastered TNG...

...for you have turned my wife into a Trekkie.

Before we met, she had never laid an eye on anything Trek related before. Sure, she knew who Kirk and Spock were, but had never watched an entire episode or movie. We started dating in April of 2009, so the midnight showing of Star Trek ended up being one of our "dates." She was interested and mildly impressed, but she really only went to go with me and be a part of something I was interested in. Since then, we'd watched a few of the various movies...but nothing really seemed to grab her attention...

...until now.

Once I heard about the TNG-R project, I was pretty vocal about how excited I was for it, showing her the screen shots and the teaser trailers. So when Season 1 came out, I saw it as a great opportunity to get into the show. Like me, she likes to take things in in the order they were intended (not one to jump to the end of a book first, for example) so she was interested in watching from the start. We sat down to watch "The Naked Now" (We had already watched EaF on the teaser disc) and she says, "So, just this one epidode, okay?"

As the credits roll... "Why don't you put the next one on?"

One morning, once we had made it though the first disc, I woke up to her turning on the TV. And heard a familiar sound...a sound I had heard hundreds of times watching the first run episodes as a kid.

"Space....the final frontier..."

I sat up in bed and had to make sure I was truly awake and not just dreaming this, and realized that she had in fact turned on the Blu-Ray in order for us to watch the next episode together. Hell, as far as I know she was just going to watch the next one without me, knowing I had seen them all. I think that's been my proudest moment in 4 months of being her husband so far.

Anyone else have a fun story of converting a loved one to the Trek side?
"I'm a fan of good sci-fi. Star Trek. Battlestar. That Joss Whedon show." - Nathan Fillion, Castle
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