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Re: Fallen Star - Episode 1 (it's not Star Trek, but it's close)

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Incidentally, I've now put the bloopers on YouTube. There's quite a lot of them, at 25 minutes long! Here's the link:
FYI, I've now made a revised version of the blooper reel, which is just under 15 minutes long, with some of the less funnny stuff taken out. The main reason for this is so it's ready for inclusion on future special features discs. I aim to have a bloopers reel for every episode and 25 minutes is just too long, so I shortened it. I've also increased the volume, as all our old footage was waaayy too quiet.

We've decided it would be a good idea to have some more in-depth special features for future episodes, including cast interviews and 'documentary style' footage. I'm also going to do some more in-depth VFX breakdowns, and hopefully a commentary track for every episode (on the DVD anyway; there doesn't seem to be a way to have additional audio tracks on YouTube).

If there are any other features people would be interested in seeing, please let me know. This is still the early stages so anything's possible at this point.

As far as our progress on episode 2 goes, shooting is on temporary hold at the moment and it's looking unlikely that it'll be ready before the year's end. However, production is still moving forwards and an early-2013 release seems likely.

Also, the above request for voice talent still stands, if any Americans here want to get involved.
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