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I recently got a craving for more Buffy and Angel stories, so I tried some of the new comics. I read Tales of the Slayers, Tales of the Vampires, and the first few stories of Buffy season 8 (I got the Tales and BtVS s8, part 1 'library editions'). Tastes like more, but looking up which other Buffy and Angel comics are out there, I get completely overwhelmed by the quantity (one of the reasons I'm usually not much of a comic person). Season 8, season 9, After the Fall, after-After the Fall, Spike, Illyria, Willow, Riley, ... ?!

So here's a question ---it's probably been answered before on this board, but I did some searching and couldn't find any (recent) threads on this topic---, which comics (series and one-shots) are the 'official' continuation of the show? And a second question: Within those 'official stories', which ones tie together as one story, and which ones are just separate one-shot stories? And finally, are these 'official stories' bundled in large volumes like the library editions, or do I have to track down all the one-shots and spin-offs separately, if I want to read them?

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