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To be fair at all the people who are making statments about ratings; while it is extremely hard for serialized shows to make money in syndication, they proved to be extremely profitable when DVD's came out.

JMS always talks about how Babylon 5 made several hundred million dollars for WB (Pretty damned good considering they spent little to make the show). I could never find sales stats for the Trek DVD's but I'm sure they made in that ballpark too as they were all released right around the height of DVD's popularity and were all way more popular than Babylon 5 in terms of live ratings.

Serialized shows continue to do well relative to their more popular episodic cousins when it comes to DVD sales. For example, CSI dominates top 10 rankings for network TV but it has middling DVD sales. Serialized Fair like "Lost" did very well on DVD.

Also, we have seen some megahits come out with very serialized plots. Lost as I already mentioned, Heroes its first few seasons, and a few others. These were all top 10 shows at one point. Cable ratings have a lot of dramas that are extremely serialized and successful; Justified, Mad Men, Sons of Anarchy, Breaking Bad.

So while yes, tv is dominated by reality tv and procedurals, there have been way more successful serialized shows in the last decade than there were in say the 80's and 90's, and DS9 (along with B5) help set the path. I would say that DS9 set the path even more (and I am a fan of both) only because JMS basically wrote all of B5 by himself (and hasn't done much tv since) whereas most of the writing staff of DS9 has been very influential: Ira Behr produced the 4400 and is currently working on Alphas. Ron Moore did Battlestar Galactica. A lot of the other writers are on successful shows as well.

So for the few people that know what DS9 is, there is a newfound appreciation for its character and plot development arc over several seasons. I wish it were enough to make a movie for the show but alas that will never happen. Hopefully, it will be enough to allow for a blu-ray remastering.

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