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Re: Warehouse 13 Season 4 (discussion, spoilers)

I thought Myka's pregnancy was hysterical.

Er... too obscure?

Well, anyway, I did wonder what was in there. A real baby? Was it Pete and Myka's baby? What would have happened if she had given birth before the artifact was neutralized. Would the baby have disappeared? What if it had taken them ten years to find and neutralize the artifact? Would the kid have disappeared? Weird, but maybe it will make some people think about the core concept of abortion. Pregnant Myka cracked me up, though.

It was very interesting to see Mrs Frederick showing Claudia the ropes. Mrs Frederick must be well over a hundred years old. And she obviously has Claudia in mind as a future Regent-- she never showed any of this stuff to Pete or Myka.

And now Steve knows about the artifacts being stolen and Artie knows about the connection between Steve and Claudia. These people love to keep secrets from each other, but they suck at it.
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