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Re: What are you reading?

thestrangequark wrote: View Post
Well, I haven't seen the movie since I was a teen either, maybe I would be more attuned to the subtlety these days.
Well, I own it so it's usually fresh in my memory (I just watched it this past week).

I thought it was a great book too, even if Dawkins ultimately failed to convince me of his argument. I went into the book already a strong atheist, so there was no need to convince me there was no god (to use Dawkins' own terminology, I would have ranked myself a 6 a priori atheist -- I don't think one can rank oneself a 7 while maintaining intellectual honesty), I don't agree with his ultimate assertion that god necessarily lies in the realm of TAP agnosticism. Some types of gods and aspects of gods certainly do (like intercessory prayer, which can be scientifically tested and has proved to be useless), but I think that a god by the definition of many believers lies in the realm of PAP agnosticism.
I can understand that, and yes, some of Dawkins' arguments I find too simplistic, eschewing religious context out of hand without weighing it against itself. Still, in my case, I was already over the agnostic line, Dawkins' book just gave me a more firm landing when I made the jump.

Me? Feel bad? Never. Years ago, when I first was introduced to the realm of slash fiction by a dear friend, who would animatedly talk about her love of doujinshi anywhere, I asked her (in the middle of a conversation about gay erotica in the middle of a crowded cafe) if she was never embarrassed about it. She said, "The way I see it, you can either be ashamed or unabashed, and I will never be ashamed!" Wise words!

I'm not embarrassed about liking erotica, I'm embarrassed by reading erotica with such terrible writing! Nothing pulls you out of the moment like a misused homophone.
Firstly, I like your friend. Secondly, I agree about poorly written erotica. Hell, poorly written anything gets my goat. I'm usually quite lax in standards, but for the love of all that is holy, at least spell pussy correctly. I say this from personal experience, from whence I got a headache reading a particularly bad fiction.

I'll look into it, thanks!
You're welcome!
"...There be dragons there. Furry dragons that breathe something you don't want to have anything to do with." - cooleddie74, on the lost cause that exists inside my mind.
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