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Re: TTN: Fallen Gods by Michael A. Martin Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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What you describe in THIS book absolutely spits upon the series' prior precedents.

I'm very sorry to hear the series was dragged down by something like this
Not too mention that the TNG episode Who Watches the Watchers covered the same thing, but on the science side, while Voyager's Sacred Ground also looked at the subject, but from the religious side.
But the whole point with the Jaza plot thread earlier in the series was that "sides" are completely unnecessary. They're only there because of some people who feel like they need to argue. Jaza showed that science and faith could coexist peacefully without being at odds. To me, it feels like this completely took what was done in Sword of Damocles and the books before it, and spat on it.

Oh...and it's not just Martin who has been the problem with Treklit lately, though he is one of the bigger problems. There are a number of plotlines I think were handled poorly if not outright stupidly, especially as it pertains to DS9. (Whereas some, like New Frontier, have sucked right from the beginning. At least, the moment those characters left Peter David's kids' books and tried to play with the big girls and boys.)

I suspect a lot of this is that the train went right off the rails after Marco Palmieri left.

Probably the last quality Treklit books, though, were the Destiny trilogy (even though I think the whole "let's promote Dax to captain without ANY training or need to earn her way up" thing was dumb), and Una McCormack's The Never-Ending Sacrifice. But quality was already declining when those books came out. Since then, there just hasn't been anything, save perhaps for the occasional TOS one-shot novel, I've found at all worth reading.
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