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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

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I wonder if the real plan is to turn Punk into a "John Cena" type character who polarises the audience? WWE is certainly failing to turn the guy heel.
I'm convinced the WWE had Punk kick Lawler in the head to turn him into a full heel, dropping any pretense that we were going to see him turn in a slow burn or that he might be a tweener. The WWE WILL make Punk the mustache-twirling heel in this feud because anything else would threaten Cena and his merchandise selling, make a wish giving persona. We certainly can't have any ambiguity about who the face is when someone's facing Cena--Cena must always be the biggest face on the roster. Look at all the ways the WWE tried to weaken the Rock leading up to Wrestlemania--thankfully the fans weren't buying into that crap.


No idea how accurate this report is but that segment did seem a bit off in that Punk didn't get a chance to reply to Cena's comments before turning his attention back to Lawler. If it's true, I actually feel bad for Cena who apparently doesn't want to play the mega babyface anymore--can't really blame him as he's had this same boring persona for years now. I don't think he needs a full heel turn but even having him show some edge and not always being the chuckling superhero against his opponents would be an improvement.
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