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Re: What likely happened to the Cardassian Union after the war

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When did they, outside fiction?

Only when TPTB WANTED to retreat - not due to terrorism, but due to other factors.
The Russians from Afghanistan to give you a recent example.

They can have all the experience and minds they want.
An army, they can't have - not with a klingon/romulan force supervising the cardassian territory resources/said minds/periodically squashing any cardassian guerillas, etc, etc.
They can build one up, theamericans were in a similar situation with veterans of the french wars and indian wars providing expertise to their army.

It's nice to believe that no one is truly defeated, that there are always second chances, etc. But such feel-good ideas are always proved false by a mere history book.
There is nothing feel good about the afghans and their backward ways but they did beat plenty of occupiers

[And what was the reason for Britain's departure?
You actually think indigenous terrorism did it? As opposed to events WAY above such level?
Multiple wars, rebellions and peace movements had been a large contributing factor.
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