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Re: Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Audio Issues

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"Encounter at Farpoint"
No problems.

"Hide and Q"
No problem

Tiny bit in the holodeck scene with Riker, Troi and Troi's "future husband", but that was the same as on the 2002 DVD 5.1 mix, so I think that might be an issue on the original audio tapes at Paramount/CBS and not a result of the new mix.

The sounds of those automobiles was really good, but no problems with the audio.

No issues

Again, no issues.

"Too Short a Season"
I don't hear what the problems are, except for source problems that can't be fixed since they were not caught back in the 80's.
Then you have a bad audio receiver. CBS has admitted that these audio issues are present on ALL discs all over the world. You absolutely can't miss the audio issues on EaF.
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