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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

Just watched "Symbiosis".

This has got to be one of Picard's biggest blunders. The exchange he has at the end where he states that the Ornarans will go through a tough period of withdraw is just so wrong. Picard doesn't consider what a planet wide drug shortage will do to a civilization, especially one where every person is addicted to the drug. Picard talks like the civilization is like a person who will experience withdraw and eventually overcome it. This isn't a person though. This is an entire planet full of people addicted to a substance that they'll readily die for. There isn't going to be a moment where the planet will one day lose their supply and everyone will just go through the withdraw process. There's going to be planet wide CHAOS. And what's worse? Picard willfully doesn't give the the Ornarans the coils so this drug shortage will happen.

I just can't believe how Picard, or anyone for that matter, didn't contemplate that this decision may have just turned the Ornaran's entire planet into a war zone.

Crusher: "I just hope it was the right one."
Picard: "And we may never know."

I just love it when Captains make that conclusion about the Prime Derective. We may never know, so let's pick the worst possible solution.
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