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Re: Star Trek London - All 5 captains to be there!

Oh my, the man child has had yet another meltdown. He's clearly under huge stress with all these customers he's trying to rip off.

noone is stopping you from leaving this forum "the prisoner" and frankly i am sick of all this kicking off over nothing and the way people think they can just say anything they like and it dose not come back on them , i am sorry we do keep the posts we have to remove , and its funny how some of the people that past some of the worst stuff are the ones that complain the most about having posts removed , if people were a bit nicer on here and with each other then it would be a much better place , this form is for letting people know about the shows and the guest not to have a pop at the mods us or each other , some people on here need to just chill out have a bit more fun and take life a bit less sirues , if you think i am going to let one or two of you keep on hijacking these section and keep on about freedom of speace and wast all our time you have another thing coming .

i am going to leave this so you can all read this then guess what i am going to clear this as NOTHING is coming from all this drama and i just do not have any more time to deal with this
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