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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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Just finished Siegfried by Alex Alice. It's a really good distillation of Wagner, Volsungasaga and the Nibelungleid with some really interesting new additions. The art is beautiful, with some fantastic looking landscapes and interesting character designs on Odin, the Valkyries and a very Henson-ish Mime. I will say it is a bit short, and 1/3 of the book is bonus material, but I enjoyed it a lot as a fan of that particular myth cycle and Wagner. I am sorely tempted to order the original French versions, as the official Archia twitter account told me the next two volumes won't be out in the USA until 2013 and 2014! In the bonus material, it seems that the comic is telling a similar but slightly different story to an animated project Alex Alice is spearheading, but I can't seem to find out if that came to fruition. Reminds me a bit of a what Darren Arronofsky did with The Fountain. (Release a Graphic Novel as a "pitch piece" while the film is limbo or post-production.)
I've been dying to read that ever since I saw this on the Archaia website.

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I had intended to start reading Michael Martin's TTN: Fallen Gods but I pushed it back to read at a later date (and given the reviews, I really am in no hurry to read it). A friend recommended that I try The Iron Druid Chronicles by Kevin Hearne so I'm about half way through book one. It's not bad.
Ooo, I've been wanting to read this one to. I've been getting into Urban Fantasy lately, and I've been very curious to read some that takes place in AZ.
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