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well that's an unusual taekwondo injury - made to sit down on the floor while warming up, to do some sit-ups, and something in my left knee went twang. All the way down the side of the calf to the ankle. You'd think this stuff would happen when trying to do fancy spinning kicks and stuff. Of course, since that was just during warmup, and I'd paid for the session, I went on and did the fancy spinning kicks and fighting and stuff all evening - cos whatever twanged only seemed to affect me when I tried to sit down (so I didn't) or tried spinning clockwise (which I'm weaker at than spinning anticlockwise anyway) - so... it'll be interesting to see whether I can actually walk tomorrow...

So, to the bourbon cabinet! Some booze, chocolate, and Jackie Chan's legendary Drunken Master (with taekwondo master Hwang Jang Lee as the villain) should see me right...
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