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Re: The OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Season 1 Discussion Thread

Man, The Big Goodbye sure seems a whole lot sillier now than it used to. You've got Picard acting like a giddy schoolgirl for the entire episode, as if he's never seen a hologram before in his life. In fact when he goes back he even takes along the ship's historian, as if it's some kind of real mission or something.

Once the Holodeck malfunctions, Riker and Geordi act as if the crew are trapped in another dimension or something, and not just within the small room next door (What, with all that advanced 24th century technology, they don't have something that can pry open a couple of Holodeck doors??)

And later Picard and Data spend an inordinant amount of time trying to reason and explain the outside world.... to a bunch of holographic characters. Even though they have no reason to believe they've achieved any kind of sentience (and it seems to go far beyond just a diversionary tactic too).

The episode certainly looks better than ever though, and there are a lot of fun moments throughout. I especially love Data's putdown of Picard ("Only a knockoff, a cheap imitation..."), and Beverly wanting to get in on all the fun interrogation action.
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