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Re: VOY Caption This 84; Feminine Wiles...

Thanks for the win

"Permission to speak freely, Captain? I think you'd look damn fine in this beagle-skin bikini."

"That's right ladies... in the Federation, Ensign super cedes the rank of Captain. So, I'm kind of a big deal."

Janeway: These Kazon may not look superior, but their tactical prowess is unmatched by any race we've ever encountered before!

Chakotay: Not true! Once, aboard the Maquis ship, we had to outwit some Cardassian pursuers!

B'Elanna: I remember that! Then we had to outrun a Galaxy-class ship in the Badlands!

Kim: I think that Ferengi bartender at Deep Space Nine was more threatening and intimidating than these clowns.

Neelix: Now that I think of it, Captain, I believe Voyager is the first ship ever in the quadrant to get overtaken by the Kazon.

"As you can see, the results are back. That strange growth? It was actually a penis that was folded back when the Doctor fitted you for your suit. You're actually a male. And your name isn't Annika. It's Enrique. Enrique Hansen."
"Brace yourself. The area of penetration will no doubt be sensitive." - Mr. Spock, The Immunity Syndrome
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